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Singing Bowl Music by Man-Tung Tsang

Singing Bowl Music I: 《Silence in the Woods》

Singing Bowl Music II: 《The Voice of Void》 and 《Meditation Nocturne: A Pliable Heart》

The Seed of Sound
Singing Bowl Music by Man-Tung Tsang

Link for
Singing Bowl Music I
Singing Bowl Music II

Ksitigarbha Sutra - CD album

150 minutes of original music composition,
a musicwork built with deep conviction and faith.
May all beings derive the benefits from listening to this Sutra.

Link for CD: Ksitigarbha Sutra - CD album

《In metta》 by Imee Ooi & Dewa Budjana [Full Album]

In Metta (A Collaboration of Peace & Light) by Imee Ooi & Dewa Budjana [Full Album]

Evocative collection of harmonious Buddhist chants and powerful sacred mantras, Imee Ooi & Dewa Budjana, acclaimed musicians and composers, guides you on a profound musical journey composed with genuine compassion and loving kindness for all humanity.


1. Tisarana (In Refuge)
2. Puppha Puja (In Acceptance)
3. Om Mani Padme Hum (In Mindfulness)
4. In Metta (In Loving-Kindness)

HK $138

Medicine Buddha Dharani – Imee Ooi

The Medicine Buddha-Bhaisajyaguru, is the Lord of Healing.The Medicine Buddha is the dispenser of spiritual medicine that could cure spiritual, psycological and physical illnesses. Through the practice of meditation and chanting of this dharani, one can generate healing power within oneself and for others.May all beings benefit from the sublime love and power of the Bhaisajyaguru.

1. Medicine buddha dharani – sanskrit
2. Medicine buddha dharani – sanskrit (piano version)
3. Instrumental (Total Duration: 56 mins)

Link for CD: Medicine Buddha Dharani – Imee Ooi

World Of Medicine Buddha by Imee Ooi


1. Medicine Buddha Heart Mantra
2. Sunlight Bodhisattva Mantra
3. Moonlight Bodhisattva Mantra