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松榮堂 - 掛衣裝薰香包

松榮堂 - 掛衣裝薰香包

按產品名稱購買:松榮堂 - 掛衣裝薰香包

松榮堂 - Nokiba

松榮堂 - Nokiba

- 以檀木為基礙的日常香,如外吹來的梅花香 
- 經典日本香的味道,花香帶甜

- 150 支, 13.5 cm







松榮堂 - 貓頭鷹陶瓷香爐

松榮堂 - 貓頭鷹陶瓷香爐

- 質料:陶瓷
- 日本製
- 可點盤香、線香、香粒
* 在日本,貓頭鷹被認為是森林之神,是喻示幸福和吉祥的褔鳥。
按產品名稱購買:松榮堂 - 貓頭鷹陶瓷香爐

松榮堂 銀線香爐

松榮堂 銀線香爐

尺寸:高6.2 cm x  闊 6.7cm
有蓋式香爐, 用於盤香及香粒。 
按產品名稱購買:松榮堂 銀線香爐

Shoyeido Takuba Incense Tray

The incense tray is made with special ceramic, can place the incense on the tray directly without using ash. 

Bamboo as the base. Comes with tray replacement. 

Short:Incense less than 70cm
Long:Incense less than 180cm

Link for Shoyeido Takuba Incense Tray




南都(Nanto) 沉香 線香
- 獨特的沉香馥鬱香氣,令人振奮
- 長度:70mm
- 數量:約60支

芳輪 白川‧二條 線香
- 一款永恆的白檀配方。以白檀為主的清涼傳統香氣,讓人聯想到下午雨後的新鮮芬芳。
- 內附簡易香立
- 數量:20枝 / 80枝
- 每支長度:7cm
- 燃點時間約:15分鐘


3 Recommended Products for High Humidity Weather

Shoyeido - Insect Repellent Fragrant Sachet for Clothing

HK $180 (3 bags in a single Pack)

Incense was brought into Japan with the advent of Buddhism.
In the early years, incense was used as religious offerings. Later, people began to perfume their clothing atop the censer, so that a mild fragrance would waft off their clothes while they carry themselves with finesse.
This was followed by scented sachets tied to the sleeves. This insect repellent fragrant sachet for clothing by Shoyeido is made of natural spices such as sandalwood, clove, cassia, and Borneo camphor. Its fragrance not only protects clothes from pests, but helps calm our mind and uplift our spirits.

Shoyeido - Premium Insect Repellent Incense

HK $180 (10 bags in a single Box)

Pests and germs grow fast in hot, humid weather.
Most of the pest repellents on the market, however, contain chemicals. If used improperly, they are likely to cause health and environmental hazards .
This quality insect repellent incense from Shoyeido is made of natural spices, such as sandalwood, clove, cassia, and Borneo camphor.
When used as sachet fillings, it effectively wards off pests and eliminates odour in clothes, books, paintings, paperware, and wooden utensils.

Obstacle-clearing Herb

HK $35 (45g)

The best solution against springtime dampness Used by Tibetans for purification, in much the same way as Mugwort used by Chinese and Salvia used by Indigenous Americans.
The smoke it emits upon burning removes mould and germs in the air.

Link for
Shoyeido - Insect Repellent Fragrant Sachet for Clothing
Shoyeido - Premium Insect Repellent Incense
Obstacle-clearing Herb

Shoyeido - Gaho (Refinement)

Gaho offers Japanese incense fragrance with Agarwood as the core ingredient. Only limited quantity will be produced each year.

5" series: HK$450 / box
7" series: HK$1,500 / box

As this one is a limited for Japan exportation, we offer single piece purchase.

5" series: HK$45 / PCS
7" series: HK$75 / PCS

Link for purchase: Shoyeido - Gaho (Refinement)

Shoyeido - "Fragrant Wheel" Incense Series (Avenue of the Villa Prime)

Nijo Castle in Kyoto is the residence of Tokugawa Ieyasu in Edo era. Shoyeido named the incense series as "Nijo" which represents the tradition of Nijo with white sandalwood and floral incense.

Link for Nijo 20PCS Pack / 80PCS Pack