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《Rooibos Tea》IS NOT the same as《Bitter Leaf Tea》☕️🌿

Leaves of Rooibos Tea and Bitter Leaf Tea are collected from different plants. They can be distinguished from their leaves.

For Rooibos Tea, the plant is a shrub-like bush with a central, smooth-barked main stem. Near the soil surface the stem subdivides into a number of strong offshoots, followed by delicate side branches each bearing, singly or in clusters, soft, needle-like leaves. They grow in Cedarberg region of South Africa only. But instead, Bitter Leaves are in round shape. They grow in Africa and South America.

Rooibos Tea is rich in Vitamins and Minerals which is suitable for everyone. However, Bitter Leaf Tea is only suitable for people with special needs.


Box Pack (20 Bags):
Single box price: HK$78
3-box bundle price: HK$210

General Pack:
50-bag price: HK$180
100-bag price: HK$330

Link for Rooibos Tea Box Pack

【Caffeine-free Rooibos Tea☕️】

Rooibos Tea is caffeine-free which is suitable for everyone, even for kids, babies and breastfeeding mum.

Caffeine Content (500ml) comparison:
Coffee 60mg
Oolong Tea 60mg
Black Tea 19mg
Green Tea 15mg
Rooibos Tea 0mg

Source: South Africa Stellenbosch University - Department of Food Science, Japan Kumamoto University Department of Microbiology


Box Pack (20 Bags):
Single box price: HK$78
3-box bundle price: HK$210

General Pack:
50-bag price: HK$180
100-bag price: HK$330

Link for Rooibos Tea Box Pack

Hanli Anita Rooibos Tea

。rich in antioxidant and able to improve your immune system
。caffinie-free, low in tannins, can be soaked for a long time
。can sooth your mind and relieve digestive disorders
。aiding in the treatment of acne, psoriases and other skin problems when used topically
。chlorine- and Bleach-free tea bag from Japan
。can be used as vegetarian broth for dishes and soup
。to see testimonials and other details on our facebook

please visit:

5% of incomes for funding of orphanage in South Africa

Rich in Antioxidants, Delays Aging, Contains Rare Nutrients

  • Rooibos tea has more antioxidant properties than Green Tea
  • Rooibos tea contains rare nutrients like quercetin and bioflavonoids that assist in good blood circulation and also obstruct hemorrhaging
  • A great beverage to boost your immune system and protect your body against all types of diseases
  • Free from caffeine content and is also low in tannins

Link for Rooibos Tea: Anita Rooibos Tea