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The Safeguarding and Conservation of Hong Kong Traditional Incense - Traditional Handmade Incense Stick

The"Osmanthus Fragrance Moon" Incense stick

HK $130/Tube (15 sticks, 50mins each)

Usingthe sweet sandalwood that can rectify the stomach with aromatics as the base.Added the sweet osmanthus that can warm lung and transform rheum, dissipatecold and relieve pain; and some herbs with the function of rectifying qi witharomatics, transforming dampness, warming the interior and quiet the heart andopen the orifices for balancing and bring out the elegant smell of sandalwood and osmanthus. 

Cypress-Sandal Incense stick

HK $130/Tube (15 sticks, 50mins each)

Cypressand Sandalwood are the usual herbs for making incense. The smell of thesandalwood is sweet, it can also relief from fullness and pain in the stomachduct and abdomen. As the property of the Sandalwood is acrid and warm, weadded the Cypress(the property is neutral ) to neutralize the entire property and balance of Yin and Yang.

Link for Traditional Handmade Incense Stick

okapi INCENSE Stick Incense Series

Local Incense Designer Brand - okapi studio is already launched in Hanli!

okapi x Hanli limited edition "Tibet Mugwort Incense series" is available now.

181 Tibet Mugwort (cleanse the surroundings) - HKD 100
011 Chinese Mugwort (mosquito and insect repellent, cleanse the surroundings) - HKD 100
021 Cinnamon (relieve fatigue) - HKD 100
801 White Sage + Sandalwood (cleanse the surroundings, relieve fatigue) - HKD 190
800 White Sage (cleanse the surroundings, relieve fatigue) - HKD 250
231 Lemongrass (mosquito and insect repellent, pure and fresh) - HKD 130
350 Red Cypress Wood (clear mind and senses) - HKD 70

Each glass tube consists of 20PCS. Each burns for 45mins.

(Limited to Hanli shop walk in purchase)